M/s. Kartar Singh Construction & Co.


Heath, Safety and environment are an integral party of our business.
The objective of this policy is to promote and maintain a healthy and safe working environment across its business. It will be our endeavor to prevent accidents and injuries with mission of Zero accidents by continually identifying and documenting all environmental aspects as well as hazard risks.
To achieve the target of HSE policy, the management shall:

  • Comply with the applicable HSE legal and other requirements.
  • Protect Employees, Clients, Sub-Contractors, Visitors and assets from any harm.
  • Ensure all the employees shall participate in the EHS programs provides
  • Conserve Environment, ensure all tools and equipment's are safe for, to supervise workers on their work practices and to promote awareness in aspects to health, safety and environmental care.
  • To provide and to ensure appropriate Personal Protective Equipment's (PPE) are worn ny the working in carrying out their tasks.
  • The effectiveness of our policy may be achieved with the involvement of all levels of management and also support from our workers


    During erection activity, customer/erectors must take care of all health and safety measures, as per the rules and regulations applicable in the local area where boiler installation and commissioning is to be done. These guidelines are to help to understand and comply with the basic information about site – safety, health and environment Our very objective is to ensure your safety while you carry out your routine with complete awareness and precautions.

    • Safety Rules are:
      • Work with the spirit of safety and imbibe safety measures in your work procedures.
      • Always be cautious while working.
      • Obtain all the required & necessary information/ guidelines prior to commencement of the work.
      • Utilize the safety equipment’s at the work place effectively.
      • Ensure the safety of the work place before commencing the work.
      • Do not use shortcuts or be impatient while working.
      • Follow the safety rules implemented by the company. Do not flout or ignore them.
      • Do not visit hazardous places or places marked with caution tape without permission
      • Keep away from electrical hazard areas and do not handle electrical equipment’s carelessly.
      • Do not wear loose clothing while working on machinery. Work cautiously in hot areas.
      • Sleeping is strictly prohibited while at work. It may lead to an accident.
      • Consult the supervisor in case of any difficulty.
      • Learn from the minor mishaps and treat the causes so that they are not repeated in future Warn / intimate your fellow workers of any possible danger
      • Keep the electrical equipment away from water contact.

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    Personal protective equipment is used to protect from accidents. Proper use of PPEs not only protects from accidents but also minimizes the adverse effects; therefore, their use at work site is necessary.

    • Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) are:
      • Helmet: It is used to protect our heads. It protects from falling / flying objects, impact, etc. while working. Clean the helmet after work and keep it safely in its designated place. Do not use faulty / damaged helmet.
      • Safety Belt: It is used while working at heights or elevated locations. While wearing the belt, ensure that it is adequately strong. While working, it should be anchored to a strong point. Always use the Full Body Harness.
      • Safety Goggles: These are used to protect our eyes. Always use goggles to protect the eyes during grinding, welding, cutting, use of chemicals, chemical fumes, dust, etc. Do not use defective / damaged goggles or frame.
      • Safety Shoes: These are used to protect our feet. There is a steel plate fitted in the front part of each shoe that protects our feet from heavy falling objects. Always wear safety shoes before going to work site.
      • Hand Gloves: Gloves are of different kinds that should be used according to requirement.
      • Leather gloves: They protect our hands from pointed & hot objects.
      • Rubber gloves: They protect our hands from harmful chemicals.
      • Canvas gloves: They protect our hands from dust, oil, grease, etc
      • Electrical gloves: They protect our hands while working on electrical equipment’s line.
      • Mask: It is used to prevent dust-particles, fumes, smoke, etc. from entering our respiratory system. Always use it in places marked with dust-particles, fumes, smoke, etc.
      • Ear Muffs / Ear Plugs: They are used to protect our ears from loud noise. Always use them at noisy places.
      • Apron: It is used to protect from sparks, heat, etc. generated while working. Its use is necessary during welding, gas-cutting, handling of chemicals, etc.
      • Face Shield: It is used while welding. Face shield protects our eyes from sparks and bright flashes generated while welding.